Our Services

We provide specialist services supporting the recognised elements of effective risk management including:

  • Facilitation
  • Bid support
  • Risk Management audit
  • Risk Management planning
  • Quantitative risk analysis
  • Risk Management and¬†process and procedure design and implementation
  • Value Management

In addition to providing Risk Management, we have also provided project controls management services and project management support to a number of programmes.

At Equib we have the experience and training to get the most from your workshop or meeting. We focus the participants and optimise the outputs working within the time constraints available keeping a clear focus on the outcomes and client objectives.

An essential part of bidding for major infrastructure projects is the definition of the risk management plan and the assessment of the risks and opportunities for the bidder, both for inclusion in the bid documentation and specific to the organisation or consortium.

With our experience in the management and analysis of risk within projects and programmes we are ideally placed to review and audit the current processes and procedures within an organisation, project or programme.

At Equib we have the breadth of experience of bid input, risk management process implementation and audit to support organisations and projects in developing an appropriate and pragmatic risk management plan. We can also assist in the development of the Risk Management Strategy and the development of technical guidance and protocols for quantitative analyses.

We are fully conversant with all the most commonly used proprietary software packages including Palisade Decision Suite / @Risk; Predict!; Crystal Ball; ModelRisk; and Primavera Risk Analysis, in addition we have expertise in the implementation and use of ARM.

Projects are different, strategies are different and project environments are different (Hetland 2001): there is no such thing as universal best practice, or even best theory.
At Equib we are well placed to support in the development of the risk management process, based on experience of many different industry sectors. It is key that the risk management process is not designed in a vacuum, the integration with other processes (e.g. Stage Gating, planning, change control and procurement) is key to success.

We provide experienced risk managers, either throughout projects or programmes or in support of a gateway process or at key decision milestones.