Data drives intelligent decision-making

Schedule, cost, and performance; thinking “it won’t happen to me” threatens all three project elements. 

We provide the following quantitative risk analyses, based on the use of Monte Carlo simulation, to build confidence and aid robust decision making: 

  • Project and programme opportunity and risk; 
  • Estimating cost variability and tolerance – distinctive from risk, which has an associated probability; 
  • Schedule duration variability, tolerance, uncertainty, risks, and opportunities; 
  • Schedule critical path analysis under uncertainty; 
  • Prioritisation of key risk management interventions; 
  • Tender assessment – the impact of exclusions, caveats, clarifications, and assumptions in tender returns; 
  • Target cost negotiation and agreement; 
  • Risk sharing agreements; 
  • Elastic cash flow modelling  the combination of the effects of cost and schedule variability and risk on a cash flow forecast; and 
  • Claims exposure  assessment of the potential level of claims providing key intelligence for settlement negotiation. 

Combining time-proven simulation techniques with your chosen software solutions, we deliver powerful toolfor evaluating the whole risk landscape 

The result? You can focus mitigation spend and efforts where they’re needed most